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Organizing the text in the form of the reversed pyramid

Posted By donaldtbeverly     June 23, 2017    


The editing of the news does not begin until the journalist has clear in his mind what he wants to write and the message he wants to convey.http://myessaywriting.co.uk/case-study.html says that planning is, therefore, a very important stage in drafting a news story. Following the documentation, the journalist must ensure that he first understood what had happened and then transmitted it to the public.

In the case of longer and more complicated items, planning can also be done on paper. Drawing an article plan will help clarity in drafting.For clarity in drafting, strictly two rules must be followed:

1.In the event report, do not skip any stage! The narrative must be logical, going from A to B and then C. Do not skip from A to C assuming the reader will deduce how he got there!

2.Do not start from the premise that the reader already knows the subject!

A) When the reporter has long documented a topic, he tends to think that the reader has some basic notions about that subject and express himself accordingly. In most cases, the reader does not have the same information the journalist holds.